Released to the Angels
Discovering the Hidden Gifts of Alzheimer's    


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"The mere mention of the word "Alzheimer's" evokes feelings of fear, sadness, and pain.  And no wonder.  Alzheimer's is a long heartbreaking journey into dementia.  My husband and I have taken this journey together.  But I have learned that, while we do not have control over the disease, we do have a choice to experience joy in spite of illness." Marilynn Garzione

Winner of the Editor's Choice Award 
Readers's Choice Award, and Star Award

If you knew that you had Alzheimer's, could you still find meaning to your world?  ...If you knew your husband had Alzheimer's, could you look beyond the pain to find strength to help him hang on?  Released to the Angels is an incredible love story---a touching collection of humorous anecdotes, thoughts, and observations of a devoted couple as they go through the progressive stages of Alzheimer's.  With its positive, up-lifting theme of love and endurance, this inspirational book will appeal to primary health caregivers, family members, and those facing personal loss.


                                                                                                    Author:  Marilynn Garzione

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                                                                                                      to help her husband's anxiety as he advanced through Alzheimer's