Released to the Angels
Discovering the Hidden Gifts of Alzheimer's    

Candlelight Vigil

   A Tribute to Loved Ones                  

An important part of the National Alzheimer's Association annual Forum is the Candlelight Vigil Service. Traditionally held at the Lincoln Memorial by the Reflective Pool, this ceremony is a beautiful tribute to our loved ones and to those who have chosen to care for them.


Candlelight Vigil Speech

Photo Courtesy of Alzheimer's Association

I was privileged to be chosen as a speaker at the Candlelight Vigil. In accepting this incredible honor I was able to share with so many others my feelings and hope that those like my father and Patrick will not be forgotten but that their painful struggle will serve to give us strength as we continue in our efforts to wipe out Alzheimer's.

                          • Marilynn's Candlelight Vigil Speech

Lighting candles...

Candlelight vigilcandlelight vigil 2










Lincoln Memorial

The Candlelight Vigil held at

Lincoln Memorial and Reflective Pool, Washington, D.C.