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It's so hard to watch someone you love go through Alzheimer's...harder still to witness loss and accept it as part of the process.   These past years I have learned so much about this disease.  In our journey together, I began to learn that things will never be perfect, but that there is value in imperfection.  I began to see that he could never come to my world, but that if I were willing to go into his, I could share and experience a simplicity that held its own purpose of meaning.  To look through his eyes, to discover things not compare what once was so that I could experience what still remained.  Above all, I learned to take joy in the now and open my heart to all that it brings. 

A precious gift was the last time Patrick tried to express his love for me on paper.  Struggling to form the words, his pen managed to write what he had so often told me in the past: 


Pat's Love

And though the letters weren't perfect, his words contained perfect love, perfect expression...locked in a heart still giving.  


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