Released to the Angels
Discovering the Hidden Gifts of Alzheimer's    

Those Who Represent Us


Alzheimer's  attacks indiscriminately with no regard to political belief.  It is comforting to know that our political representatives are putting aside political differences to join forces in combating this devastating disease. 


Senator Bill Larkin (R-NY) has actively spoken out in support of efforts being made to eradicate this disease.  He is firm in his belief that we must work together in a bi-partisan effort to find new medicines and an eventual cure.


On August 6, 2008 Secretary of State (then Senator) Hillary Clinton (D-NY) held a press conference to inform the public on efforts being made to provide respite care services for famly caregivers caring for children or adults.  

In support of the bi-partisan Lifespan Respite Care Act., Clinton spoke on the need for families to have planned or emergency care in order to provide temporary relief from the responsibilites of caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's or other devastating diseases. 


Marilynn with Hillary Clinton 



Maria Shriver is an incredible woman who is speaking out on the behalf of loved ones and caregivers who are affected by Alzheimer's.  I was touched by her sensitivity, her warmth, her reaching out to those in pain.  Maria knows first hand the pain of Alzheimer's....her father died with the disease.  She is speaking out, writing books to help children understand the losses they are experiencing, and giving hope through her voice that we will someday eliminate Alzheimer's disease.


Maria Shriver, whose father had Alzheimer's, was in Washington, DC to speak about the HBO documentary that focused on the far reaching effects that Alzheimer's has on the lives of so many. 


Marilynn and Maria Shriver


 Marilynn met Newt Gingrich (whose mother suffered with Alzheimer's) and presented him with a copy of "Released to the Angels".  The former House Speaker spoke at the National Alzheimer's Forum, emphasizing the need to invest in research which will lead to new medicines and an eventual cure for Alzheimer's.

On Capitol Hill, Marilynn joined other advocates in meeting with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, (D-NY who replaced former Senator Hillary Clinton).  She is a leader in a bi-partisan effort to bring about changes such as HOPE for Alzheimer's and the NAPA act.

In January, 2011, NAPA (National Alzheimer's Project Act) was passed unanimously in both the Senate and House of Representatives.  Once completed, NAPA will create a national strategic plan to address and overcome the rapidly escalating crisis of Alzheimer's.  Marilynn met with Representative Nan Hayworth and others to discuss caregivers' concerns and ideas of what to include in this federal plan.

Marilynn with Congresswoman Hayworth

Speaking with Senator Steve Saland

Marilynn with Harry John, President & CEO National Alzheimer's Association