Released to the Angels
Discovering the Hidden Gifts of Alzheimer's    


What People are saying:                      


"Released to the Angels is an extraordinary collection of vignettes that can be read as a series of daily reflections about a treasured life and a couple's journey through Alzheimer's.  Written in the hours before the author's days as a caregiver began, the vignettes capture the pain and frustration they experience, and the courage and poignancy of their journey.  More than that, they show us the hidden "gifts" of Alzheimer's—moments that edify, that renew the spirit, that affirm deep bonds of love and devotion... I will not soon forget this remarkable love story or its inspiring message."

                                         Elaine Sproat, President & CEO
                                         Alzheimer's Association
                                         Hudson Valley/Rockland/Westchester, NY Chapter

"Marilynn Garzione has written a beautiful and loving tribute to her husband, Patrick.  It reveals deep compassion and understanding and should be read by anyone dealing with this terrible disease."

                                         Senator William J. Larkin, Jr.    39th Senate District,  Ranking Minority Member

"Those of us who are living with this illness can understand it better as we read of others' managing well with prayer and patience and, of course, love.  Upon finishing the book I was left with a quiet understanding of an honest and real love and "caring" was so calming and so real."
                                         Frann Jazombek, caregiver

" inspiring as a double rainbow."
                                         Sovella Tankersley

"The success of Marilyn Garzione's book is not only a loving tribute to her husband Patrick, but also serves to focus further attention on Alzheimer's disease and the role and path of the caregiver."  
                                         Dr. William J. Higgins, Internist
                                         Board Member Alzheimer's Association
                                         Hudson Valley/Rockland/Westchester, NY Chapter

 "I am a professional health caregiver.  I have read several books dealing with health care.  That's why I loved this because it was about what Alzheimer's is about—reality and human beings working through the disease process.  Thank you."
                                         Mary Peters Davis

"We all know too many who have succumbed to Alzheimer's, and if we are honest with ourselves, each one of us could end up as caregiver or care receiver.....[this] story will give hope to so many who will be facing this difficult trial one day."
                                         Darlene Prosser

"Marilynn has given us an utterly honest, compassionate, highly personal and informative look into the heart of Alzheimer's disease..."   

                                         Dr. Alan Jacobs, Neurologist 

"It is more than just a story about a struggle with Alzheimer's.  It is also a story of a deep enduring love between two people that endures despite Alzheimer's."

                                          Cathy Bachisin