Released to the Angels
Discovering the Hidden Gifts of Alzheimer's    

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Marilynn Garzione uses the spoken word to reach out to those who are facing life-threatening illnesses, including the devastating effects of Alzheimer's.  Through the power of positive encouragement, she motivates people to face the challenges that disease presents while offering advice for those trying to cope with pain and loss. Marilynn's message is one of inspiration and strength.  As an accomplished speaker who is effective in bringing about public awareness of Alzheimer's, she seeks to inform those unfamiliar with the disease and to support those involved in providing healthcare for loved ones.

If you are interested in Marilynn speaking at your event, consider one of these frequently requested messages (aproximately 55 minutes in length):

Discovering the Hidden Gifts of Alzheimer's

Appropriate for: General public

How Can I Do This?  A Caregiver's Question

Appropriate for:  Family health caregivers

Strength in the Midst of Alzheimer's

Appropriate for:  Faith-based audiences


"When I say that Marilynn "contributed"to our Caregiver's Conference as key-note speaker, I mean that of the highest quality.  She gave of herself.  She shared her incredible personal story, a story that everyone in our audience could relate to.  She brought laughter to a very serious subject.  Her strength and confidence in the face of personal disaster was inspiring, to say the least. 

I watched the faces of our audience and observed the absolute quiet as they listened intently.  I watched as tears rolled down their cheeks and realized they were running down mine as well.  She touched many lives that day....including mine." 

- Melissa Martin - Past President-Health Care Provider's Council Pierce County, WA 

"There is such a need to connect with caregivers, to give them hope, and let them know they are not alone.  [Marilynn's] key-note presentation was from the heart and the photos of her and her husband's journey through this disease were equally touching.  I speak with families every day about the challenges they face in caring for their loved ones with this disease.  Many times I have used some of the examples Marilynn presented.  Her time and dedication to speaking to others abut this disease shows her passion to help others through their own journey." 

- Jeni Jones - Sales and Marketing Manager Clare Bridge of Puyallup, WA 

"Marilynn is a warm and compassionate person.  Through her words she is able to provide moments of joy and spiritual connection.  Her stories speak of perpetual healing; they provide laughter when there are tears, and they provide freedom from expectations.  Her optimism, faith and hopefulness are blessing to all who need to realize the hidden joys through their journeys." 

- Jennifer Mangoson, MS, Education Services Manager Alzheimer's Association, Northern CA and Northern NV Chapter 

"After hearing Marilynn speak, I realized that my husband can no longer transition to my reality and it is my job to transition to his.  All this time I have been playing a tug of war game on things that don't really matter, and my goal should have been comfort and security and his reality is ok." 

- Caregiver 

"I would like [your] future conferences to include more talks from Marilynn Garzione, or speakers like her.  Her stories touched my heart, and gave me strength as a caregiver to continue caring for my husband." 

- Caregiver 

"Marilynn's talk was EXCELLENT.  I really connected with many of her thoughts and feelings.  I found myself nodding my head at so much of what she said---she understands exactly what caregivers go through! She points the way toward laughter as a gift to hang onto, and gives meaning to even the difficult moments. Bravo! 

- Caregiver

"Marilynn has a wonderful way of sharing her caregiver experience that makes it evident that she is passionate about supporting other caregivers.  She shares her understanding of how, while caregiving can be terribly difficult, there are moments and days when there is much to be gained by being a caregiver.  Excellent presentation."  

- Joanne Luz  Huntington's Disease Society of America Meeting Place, PA



Winner of the Editors Choice Award and the Readers Choice Award